Saturday, October 4

The day is done and we’re tired!!!!

One of the concession stands

This isn't just a little thing!! Just look at all the cars!

We are tired and ready for bed after walking around the Apple Festival in Altamont this afternoon. We arrived and paid our $18.00 entry fee and then walked the walkways to see all the vendors merchandise and then the food stands. We found some very nice artwork on flagstone, done by some people in Potter County, Pennsylvania. The food was like any other festival’s food and the music was mediocre for a fall festival with 7 people actually sitting there with us listening. After seeing everything, we picked up our goodies and headed for the car with a peck of my favorite Honey Crisp apples and Vicki’s favorite, Ginger Gold’s. The blooming onion we had was definitely worth the seven dollars it cost. I’ve never eaten so much for a mere $7.00 in my life. I bought it at 3:00PM and here it is, 10:22 and I’m still eating it!!! Repeat… Repeat… Repeat… I better go find some Gaviscon tablets.
Next blog will be in the morning. Promise!

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