Wednesday, June 10

A long appointment made and made worthwhile if only there was more time.....

We just sent payment for another three table top carders from Golden Fleece Carder’s in the Netherlands. We are their only sales representative-Partner here in the United States, so everyone has to come to us for them. We have also busted the monopoly that Howard Brush had on carding cloth for blending boards and carding machines for so long. We now have a carding cloth available in 12” x 12” squares of 72 TPI in a double tine design which is of superior design for all fibers, working great on Wool, alpaca and Angora rabbit. Our prices are better…and the fiber processing tools, consisting of the table-top carding/blending board, the 12” square carding cloths and a hand held blending brush for carding machines and blending boards are all available on our web site.,_llc_020.htm

On the previous page…,_llc_019.htm You can find all of our other fiber tools that I make here on the farm, available by shopping cart, payable by credit card or Pay-Pal.
We have this advertised all over Facebook too…and on a fiber tools page and fiber equipment page…which seems to work, because we are selling this stuff like hotcakes….

Tomorrow I am going to start on the check-out counter in the fiber shop. It will remove the pain-in-the-butt cabinet sitting in the middle of the floor, taking up space and giving nothing in return. The new counter will be built in the corner, with a wrapping area with storage underneath fro bags and such. The counter top is nice and old looking….thick and possessing a nice patina. I will build shelves in the front where customers stand and on those shelves we will rank our honey and maple syrup, etc., etc. This will make very good use of the space required to build this and free up shelf space where the honey and maple syrup is now displayed. We will be able to stand behind the counter and out of the way. Now we have our back to everything as we write up sales slips which is terrible.

Today we made the trip to Bennington, VT to have our first scheduled car service under the warranty. We were there at 11:00 and shortly after that, we were on the road to Whitman's feed store, where we buy a huge ten pound bag of dog biscuits (loose in big balk boxes) every time we go by there on our way to Cambridge, NY.
We run through White Creek and get onto route 22 where we headed to the Burger Den near Jackson. We met our friend Marie there for lunch and then the three of us went to Faerydale Consignments in Salem, NY to see Robyn and her new consignment items since the last time up there.
The trip to Washington county is never complete if we can't get to all of our favorite stops, but the car appointment spoiled that for us today and we were lucky to take Marie to Garden Works, because she has never been there. After that stop, we had ice cream at the Battenkill Creamery and took Marie back to her car at the Burger Den. We missed stopping at Deluge Designs to see our friend Pam and I always stop in to see Jack at "Jack's Outback Antiques", but it was past closing time for both, so we had an incomplete day and headed home.



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Sunday, June 7

It’s been sometime since I have updated the blog page here, so I think it’s only proper to fill you in on all the latest and greatest things that have happened since last I wrote here.
I'm now a listed wheelwright on the  Ravelry site…one of only twelve at the present time, so that’s an honor I now appreciate sharing with you all.
Today Vick and I joined the Golden Fleece Spinning and weaver’s guild and attended our first meeting in Schoharie. I believe they were happy to see Vick and me join once they heard I was a wheelwright, because now they have one in-house as a member. I will be easy to locate and contact when needed by the members of the guild.
I am presently caught up with my wheel repairs, but feel that soon I will be repairing more and more wheels. Considering that it is tax season and things are always a little slack until folks begin receiving their tax refunds, I’m enjoying the lull in the action. Soon everyone will be receiving refund checks and doing or buying things they have looked forward to since last year…and that is when the influx of wheel repairs will probably begin arriving again.
We have all but finished the cottage and have it on Airbnb where people are looking already. We just installed an outside solar shower with eight foot walls and a locking door. There is a shower chair, clothing hooks and a shower caddy for soap and shampoo. It is a large enough enclosure to allow you to hang clean clothes, shower, towel off and re-dress comfortably in the afternoon or early evening hours.

The cottage is actually for people to stay in free when they sign up for Vick’s two day fiber processing and spinning course offered all summer long. It was originally intended for two people to sign up and share the cottage for the fiber course…but we are accepting bookings for other art classes such as watercolor and stained glass also. It is available to oil and pastel artists or photographers if they simply desire to come to the farm and paint or photograph uninterrupted during any day of the week or weekends…walking among the farm animals, around the buildings and next to the beautiful wooded scenery on our nine acre farm.
I am soon ready to remodel the farm store AGAIN… adding a nice big counter area where we will serve customers with a nice new check-out and wrapping area. It will have shelves on the front side for Honey and Maple syrup and storage behind for bags and packing materials. It will make better use of the space now taken up for doing the same thing without displaying product. I envision the remodeling taking me a day or two to complete…and then it’s on to something else. There is never a dull moment on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm you know…and never an idle one either!

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Thursday, April 9

As The Days Progress Throughout The Year…So does Our Business…

Recently we became the first and only fiber tool dealer in the United States to partner with Golden Fleece Carders, a new and upcoming business in the Netherlands. We picked up their line of carding clothes and fiber processing tools… including their latest creation known as a combination carding and blending board. It is a table mounted version with nice slide rods with Teflon locks allowing the user to select the angle most comfortable for them to use the carder/blending board. It has a 72 T.P.I. carding cloth on a curved surface which will allow you to comfortably use your carding paddle to card fiber right onto the double tined surface. Once carded, you can begin the blending process using different colored fiber previously carded onto the fiber just carded. Roll the bat off with two dowel sticks to make bats or rolags. It is the newest and nicest fiber tool I’ve seen developed in some time and sells exclusively through Watt Heritage™ Fiber Tools here in the U.S. Take a moment and go to our site and look around at this tool and all the others we make and sell there…,_llc_003.htm   
Below are some pictures and a link to our
YouTube video at:


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Tuesday, March 24

Hidden Away In The Bottom Of An Old Brown Box...Lives A Tiny Giant

So yesterday we went to Vick’s acupuncture appointment in Delmar, where I usually sit in the car and read my Kindle or snooze until she is finished, but we arranged for Gia to stop by while in the area today and pick up her umbrella swift that I repaired for her, along with three replacement pins I made for her loom. I gave her all the items I had for her and she gave me a box full of pieces that assembled…used to be a cute little Scottish spinning wheel, which I believe was a functioning child’s model wheel. These child sized spinning wheels were made to help teach young girls how to spin fiber into yarn and when they became good enough, they graduated to a full sized spinning wheels where they helped Mom produce yarns for the families knitted or woven garments that clothed them back then. In those days kid’s toys were fashioned after full sized tools that would be used in the everyday life of every man and woman.   
Once I am a little further along on the maple wheel for Debbie, complete the Canadian production wheel for Barbara and get a start on the double flyer machine of here, I’ll start repairing Gia’s little Gem…or if I have a little idle time with the other two…It should really be cute when finished. It obviously had a really rough life after viewing the many Band-Aid patches administered to it over the years. There are some patches, wired and tied, glued fixes that finally caught up to it and it collapsed in a heap.
It could become costly…but cute.Here is the pile of “rubble” Gia gave me…let’s see what we can make out of it with a little time and elbow grease.

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