Sunday, August 27's been forever since we were on here to talk...

Good morning everyone, As you may already know, we are now primarily on Facebook with out postings which you can find by going to our Facebook page  anytime to see what is happening on the farm, in our farm store, our airbnb cottage, and what we are selling on-line. You can also follow Skip's spinning wheel repair business called Watt Heritage Fiber Tools there also. Vicki has a website where she displays her many different art interests which are also available for purchase on-line. She is at the following web address,  so you can check her work out there. She posts on Facebook also, so if you'd like to check her page go to,   Vicki Drao Alderman-Watt where you can see her posts. 
There are also several other farm pages listed as follows...

If you have a few minutes in your busy day and would like to smile awhile as you sip a cup of coffee while taking a break, just go to one of our links above and enjoy a fun filled few minutes of catching up. There's Always something new going on down on the farm!

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