Thursday, April 9

As The Days Progress Throughout The Year…So does Our Business…

Recently we became the first and only fiber tool dealer in the United States to partner with Golden Fleece Carders, a new and upcoming business in the Netherlands. We picked up their line of carding clothes and fiber processing tools… including their latest creation known as a combination carding and blending board. It is a table mounted version with nice slide rods with Teflon locks allowing the user to select the angle most comfortable for them to use the carder/blending board. It has a 72 T.P.I. carding cloth on a curved surface which will allow you to comfortably use your carding paddle to card fiber right onto the double tined surface. Once carded, you can begin the blending process using different colored fiber previously carded onto the fiber just carded. Roll the bat off with two dowel sticks to make bats or rolags. It is the newest and nicest fiber tool I’ve seen developed in some time and sells exclusively through Watt Heritage™ Fiber Tools here in the U.S. Take a moment and go to our site and look around at this tool and all the others we make and sell there…,_llc_003.htm   
Below are some pictures and a link to our
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