Tuesday, March 24

Hidden Away In The Bottom Of An Old Brown Box...Lives A Tiny Giant

So yesterday we went to Vick’s acupuncture appointment in Delmar, where I usually sit in the car and read my Kindle or snooze until she is finished, but we arranged for Gia to stop by while in the area today and pick up her umbrella swift that I repaired for her, along with three replacement pins I made for her loom. I gave her all the items I had for her and she gave me a box full of pieces that assembled…used to be a cute little Scottish spinning wheel, which I believe was a functioning child’s model wheel. These child sized spinning wheels were made to help teach young girls how to spin fiber into yarn and when they became good enough, they graduated to a full sized spinning wheels where they helped Mom produce yarns for the families knitted or woven garments that clothed them back then. In those days kid’s toys were fashioned after full sized tools that would be used in the everyday life of every man and woman.   
Once I am a little further along on the maple wheel for Debbie, complete the Canadian production wheel for Barbara and get a start on the double flyer machine of here, I’ll start repairing Gia’s little Gem…or if I have a little idle time with the other two…It should really be cute when finished. It obviously had a really rough life after viewing the many Band-Aid patches administered to it over the years. There are some patches, wired and tied, glued fixes that finally caught up to it and it collapsed in a heap.
It could become costly…but cute.Here is the pile of “rubble” Gia gave me…let’s see what we can make out of it with a little time and elbow grease.

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