Sunday, March 22

Dumb As A Box Of Rocks? Or Just Dumber Than The Box The Rocks Came In...

Today was lost to being up until 4 AM this morning working on fiber tools, and Vick on her art…and later, driving down to get fuel from the gas station in Durham.
I installed my vent invention on both fuel cans to do away with the brainy idea of trying to get fuel out of a can that has air going up the hole fuel is trying to come out of. STUPIDITY. It sure seems like we are great at creating stupid stuff these days. All fuel cans have had vent opening removed so they don’t spill fuel all over the place. They count on fuel flowing out and air flowing past it going into the can…therefore eliminating drips and spillage. In all my years of using gas cans, I’ve never spilled or slopped as much fuel as I do now with the cans supposedly designed to keep that from happening. Engineering is a noble trade that breeds paper smart idiots!
Another case in point….traffic lights! ALL DESIGNED BY ENGINEERING IDIOTS! Who else would design a device to stop twelve cars to allow one car to pull out of a side road as soon as they approach the traffic light? Forget that they could pull out twenty times, safely between cars just like a stop sign works…but no…as they get close to the light it must change. IDIOTS… especially when the car hits the intersection and right turns immediately and after he is three hundred yards down the road, the light changes and stops everyone else for a minute with no car pulling out now.
Jeeze Um, I guess I need more sleep to be less grouchy, but don’t be stupid. There’s no excuse for it!
Tomorrow is another day…I need rest now…

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