Wednesday, March 18

Another Cold Miserable Day of Barn Cleaning In The Wind…

I spent another blistering cold day outside cleaning barns and chicken houses. It was a nice day by almost everyone’s standards…that is unless you’re outside in 22° temperatures with a 34 MPH wind, equating to -18° out there…That makes it really hard to keep from freezing to the tractor seat. Josh doesn’t seem to mind…but he is young, shoveling and moving in and out of the building. I am OLD, stationary and have think blood in this 64 year old body! If my kids and grandkids called me pop…I could have said that I was definitely a “popsicle” today!!!
This morning before Josh came…I worked in the basement on the obtuse multi-angled blocks for the leg jig-fixture for the spinning wheels. I cut five blocks…all wrong, so I quit. I figured to get a cup of coffee and return to begin afresh afterward…It was not to be though, because Vick texted me and informed me that a serviceman was coming to our neighbors house to repair the furnace and I had to leave them in. (It is a weekend home and our neighbors live in Howard Beach) I agreed to keep an eye on their place to make sure the furnace didn’t quit and allow everything inside to freeze during the winter. Last evening, I found the furnace would not stay running for more than three minutes and then shut off and it was getting cold in there. The temperatures outside were falling, so we called Tony and he said he would call the repair people first thing in the morning. He did. After the repairs, I had lunch and it was time to greet Josh for cleaning, so that was my day.
Tomorrow if it is not so blasted windy…I have an oxy/acetylene job, welding a spinning wheel mandrel where I removed 3/8” of material to make it fit the wheel properly.
I also have some corn husks to braid into accelerator head bearings to finish up another project before going back to the spinning wheel production job.
Tonight my feet, calves, knees and wrists ache with the coming rain or snow on Friday. This is par for the course…my having severe pain at the end of the day when I’m tired and worn out.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day…better…I hope too…

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