Sunday, March 15

Evolution and Progression Could Be One in The Same…

Yes, we are evolving each and every year we are here, trying to make this a self sufficient farm. If we can get to where the farm is capable of paying for itself…in the way of animal feed and supplies, we’ll be happy. We expect to pay for a lot of the things needed on the farm…just not every nut and bolt, bag of feed and hay.
We have begun working on some additional summer programs where Vick is doing a scheduled spinners weekend where people come here to be in and around the animals, to see how fiber is harvested, how it is washed, dried and prepared for dying, how it is dyed and then carded into bats or rolags for spinning and finally how to spin it into yarn on a drop spindle, Mayan spinner and finally a spinning wheel.
We will offer some kind of painting program and Vick is already giving stained glass classes, both beginner and advanced. I am making and selling spinning wheels and all kinds of fiber tools. I also do any and all repair work to spinning wheels and walking wheels for people needing repairs.
We are now in the process of looking into a business relationship with a company as a distributor for them. More about that later if it pans out…but we will be their first business in the USA to handle their product.

Yes, we are evolving…or trying to every day…and we will continue until we succeed!     

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