Friday, February 27

Forever In The Distance Is Only Three Weeks Away…

Yes, it’s a fact…spring will be here in three weeks. Though you look out the window and see it far away…over the horizon…in a mere twenty one days, spring 2015 will arrive.
It has been a long and miserably cold, snowy winter this year, but it has also been a rapid decent in the count down through the days of this winter too. January flew by and February is all but a flash in history at this point, for after tomorrow, we will be looking at March 1st. Let’s hope that with the arrival of March, we see an end to winter’s icy grip and spring beings with it a change of temperatures toward those which summon the spring flowers and trees to come alive. We’ve been quiet and rolled with the punches of winter, so now maybe we can catch a small break and enjoy some outside time. We need a break, the animals need a break and it’s time to swing into the second quarter change for this year…
Yesterday, Vick and I made the trip to Ballston Spa, for our first visit to Curtis Lumber to pick up the maple lumber I need to make my next spinning wheel. A local lady called and placed an order for a Saxony style Watt Heritage™ Spinning wheel, so I wanted to acquire the wood while we had time to make the trip. Curtis Lumber is a phenomenal place, to say the least. (see pictures below) The complex is actually larger than HUGE… and if they don’t have it…it might not be made, or at the least will be almost impossible to find anywhere else in the northeast.
Last night I inserted two 5/4 x 11” x 22” pieces of maple into the glue press where they will dry until at least…9:00 this evening, completing the 24 hour drying period of the glue. After that, I will begin machining for this spinning wheel.

Stay warm my friends….the end is near! 

Look how long the freakin' building is!!!!

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