Friday, October 17

Friday, Oct. 17th… Can a month fly past any faster? Yep… it did!!

WOW!! Look at where we are! It’s already half way through October and zipping toward November like a lightning bolt on steroids. The leaves continue to fall as mute testament to what is coming rapidly on the shirttail of Autumn and I don’t exactly like it. Seems we’re never ready no matter how hard we try.
We still have the water lines and freeze proof hydrants to put in and there are still a few electrical issues to resolve. I must have been temporarily insane to take on this furnace installation with all this stuff needing done here at home. Oh well, that’s what I do best……stupid stuff.

Anyway, we’ll tend the animals if necessary when we go out to the barn, which I already did this morning, but you always see more to do, and then I’ll start on the furnace duct work we’ll make. My helper, the computer whiz and love of my life will help keep me straight and watch my measurements for correctness before I cut the sheet metal for the plenum heat distribution box and the filter box for the cold return. We must fabricate both for the furnace and I have to make a 24” long section of 10 x 20 duct and then we’re ready to install it. I want to get this thing done so I can get back to our own stuff a.s.a.p.

NOTICE: Timmy D. Turkey is almost back to himself. He is preening and fluffing and pecking all around the yard again. Tina Faye Turkey is completely back to herself and all the other chicken illness’s have disappeared. This is the greatest news of the month, after losing one turkey and 6 or 7 chickens and lots of bad eggs during the inoculation period of the chickens when they were unfit to eat. We have 20 some eggs hatching in three locations…. 6 under one laying hen…..8 under another and 12 or so in the incubator in the basement, all of which will hatch around the 28th of the month. LATE, LATE, LATE for peeps, but thank goodness there are two hens to take care of them all.

Remember what we said about not missing fall festivals since we worked all summer long? Well, tomorrow we are going to be at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival at the Dutchess County fairgrounds along route 9 in Rhinebeck, NY 12572. It is scheduled from 9AM to 6PM and has a huge schedule of events and vendors. Hopefully, Vick's family can go along and we can make it a family outing. We’ll snap pictures while there.

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