Friday, October 24

Friday Oct. 24th… Heavy frost is on everything… crisp & COLD

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These mornings make you more thankful than ever that we have heat in the house…food in the cupboard… and clothes in the closet. Take a moment as you sit there in your warm and cozy home and reflect on all those losing their homes to a lousy politically caused “near depression” event, because greedy people do greedy things for one another. Although they do these things which hurt so many innocent people, we can stop a lot of what they are trying to do by banding together for the good of all.
Look at gas prices in the wake of the wall street disaster… or look at any other commodity and see what happens to prices and values when, we as a people, collectively band together and stop buying. (whether we are scared or mad doesn’t matter… the results are still the same) We stopped spending as a result of the wall street happenings and gas prices went down… lobster in Maine went to nothing and all over the country things went to an all time low. Because we didn’t buy it! We controlled the market!!! We sent the Saudis and Venezuelans running in circles with all their oil they couldn’t sell. Hugo Chavez was sprawled over his oil barrels crying “I can’t sell my oil”. “The Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and George Bush meet at the Presidents ranch in Crawford, Texas…….” the media reported….. For what? For two bandits to stuff money in each others pockets??? We need to get out of these killer countries, close our borders to them by stationing our service men at our own borders and protecting the USA. We should then use all the war money to develop a stronger military to protect us from foreign attack and develop a replacement for gasoline which is made from a commodity we have a ton of……Corn! We can make what we need ourselves, here in our own country like we used to and turn the importers away to financially rape someone else, somewhere else. We can adopt the motto “leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone……… mess with us and we will annihilate you”!!!!!
Enough said…… it’s too nice a day to wipe another country off the face of the earth anyway! Here’s where I was going in the beginning, before I got off track… ( I have a drift factor lately) Take time to clean out your closet… drawers… the basement or storage unit. Donate extra, unused clothing…especially coats, hats and gloves to the Salvation Army so they can clothe the homeless this year… those made homeless by the Wall Street glutens who caused this “near- depression”!! Give of yourself, if you are comfy… at home and have survived what so many have succumbed to this fall season.

Today, we mess around in the barn doing whatever we can until around 5:00 when we will head to Richie’s for a nice dinner with the family……a nice glass of wine…… some laughing and talking and then we will head for the farm and a warm bed around midnight. If we don’t blog tonight about the peeps or anything else…… that is why and we will resume in the morning again.

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