Friday, October 31

Friday, Oct. 31st… Halloween and we’re off a runnin’… Dig, Dig, Dig!!!

At approx. 7:50 this morning Herm pulled into the driveway and shortly after him… Dick pulled in. In less than 2 minutes, they had the excavator up and running to warm up and were ready to rip. They are going to finish the lines from the well to the house and barns today, after which, we will have water in the new barn and right outside the duck house near the summer faucet line. We will then not have to carry any water in the winter, making winter care of the animals beautiful and much easier. We can still use the hoses for summer water filling and such, but we can drain and winterize them as soon as cold weather threatens and fall back to the freeze proof lines.
More Later…………….

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