Saturday, October 4

A new day is dawning on a new chapter for the Cluckin "A"........

How excited we are to get away from AOL hometown journals. The new journal site is fresh, up to date looking and refreshing to look at compared to the old “Ho HUM” of the same thing everyday. I really never enjoyed blogging on the AOL hometown journal site. This site however is a pleasure to use. We look forward to many new readers and followers. Welcome!!!!!
This afternoon, Vick and I went to the Glenmont Lowe’s store where we bought all the needed things for finishing the Barn. While there, we filled the gas tank for $3.45 rather than the posted price of $3.61 in Greenville, at the Cumberland Farm or the same price at the little place in the Bryant’s mall lot. I don’t understand why you pay a 0.16 difference between Albany or Hudson and Greene County. In fact I don’t understand why we pay such high school and property taxes in Green County, Higher homeowners insurance polices in Greene County than Albany and then when you stop at the gas pumps, they want to stick it up our butts again! What’s up with these Greene County idiots? Who do they think they are? The area is such a beautiful place to live and we just wish the people and government here would wake up before everyone moves away. All we see as we drive throughout Greene County are properties for sale. Many have just gone up for sale this year. Don’t these Greene County idiots understand the economy is in bad shape right now? Do they think that seasonal people will continue to pay their excessively high taxes? I think not. I think those seasonal people don’t plan on keeping summer property that costs more in taxes than their primary residence elsewhere and somewhere along the line, no one will, the way money is right now.
Anyway, Vick and I went to Lowe’s and bought everything to finish up the barn, including all the nylon rolled ¾” pipe to run to the barn and old duck house. We can now do the work without running out of the needed parts to finish up. We’ll start tomorrow after going to the Altamont Apple Festival. Maybe we’ll see you there!

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