Thursday, October 30

Thursday, Oct. 30th… Alpaca’s are ours and Water lines going in…

Well… things are happening…. Vick contacted and bought the two Alpacas we mentioned yesterday and we will get them in April or before. In the mean time, we will go over to her farm and spend time to get to know them and have them feel secure with us too.

Dick showed up with the excavator and is digging the water lines to the duck and chicken house for the first frost proof hydrant, digging to the new barn for the other hydrant and then replacing the stupid PVC pipe from the well, with the correct 1” flexible black nylon pipe that should have been used in the first place.

We also have the stable lights done and a panel receptacle for the end of the barn. We are doing this stuff gradually as we go on a daily basis so I don’t have a major time with carpal tunnel or whatever I have that rips my wrists, arms and ankles when I work on a ladder. Being an electrician all my life, It’s pretty hard to admit I can’t rip and tear like I used to…….. The old body is on strike half the time, even though the mind wants to continue to fly through the work like I always did…..then the mind starts to wonder why I don’t fire the body and find a new one!
Emmmmm, now that Sucks………

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