Saturday, November 1

Saturday, Nov. 1st… Finishing up the water lines for winter!!

Good morning all…. We are going to move dirt today…all day until the ditches are covered and the chickens and ducks can be let free to run again. Right now, they crawl all over the dirt piles and we’re afraid the ducks will take a tumble into the ditches. One hydrant still needs installed, leveled and filled around at the duck house, then we can test the water. After that we will close up all the ditches and mound the earth a little for settling during the months to come. Gotta go… it’s 7:40 and Herman will be here to run the excavator while I run the bucket. Later all…… have a real nice start to November!! The Turkey Month!!!!!

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Our Friend, Herman............ What a guy... A pleasure to be around!

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