Saturday, November 8

Saturday, Nov. 8th… Working on the Hospice House Design……

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Today started out overcast and dreary, so I immediately pulled up the weather channel desktop and it said by 12:00 noon, it would be raining and to expect constant showers until 6:00 pm when it would turn to occasional showers up till 8:00 this evening when it will stop and remain cloudy through Sunday, with partial sun. Based on this and the chickens ability to become sick in a heart beat after being out in the rain all day long, We decided to not turn any of the animals loose today. Tomorrow, I will kick the door open and allow them to fly the coop…… but not today… Nope!
Since the rain showers did start when they said, I was finished feeding and watering before it started and then decided this would be a good time to complete the needed plans and material list for the Hospice house, which needs to be submitted to the town hall so they can issue a building permit. Once they approve the design and plot map, we can start gathering the lumber throughout the winter. We will not buy anything until they approve the plans and issue a permit, because we could do it all in vain if it doesn’t pass their scrutiny. Yeah… with the amount of pig pen properties we’ve seen here and around Greene County, I can understand why they need to see if our building will be pretty enough for the pig pen land owners to look at……… Jeeze! Anyway, I have a program to design and build houses that I bought several years ago called, Professional Home Design Suite, Platinum, and am trying to use it to it’s full potential, which I never did before. Once completed, it will tell me what the needed lumber list will be, what the cost will be and so on. It’s a neat program. Vicki’s brother, Rich, did the plans for the barn which were very important, but this little dinky 15 by 20 building, with a porch, isn’t important enough to bother him with when he is busy doing multi-million dollar projects for investors on the mountain, so we didn’t bother him with this little stinker.
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