Sunday, November 9

Sunday, Nov. 9th… The rise of a beautiful sun on a beautiful day in a beautiful life……

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Good morning from all of us on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm! Looks like today will be another banner day before the rain returns again tomorrow. Perhaps it will rain hard enough this time to help settle the ground where we have mounded dirt over the ditches where we buried the new water lines. If not, I am going to scoop the dirt level and stock pile it out by fort apache in the side yard. Today…..this afternoon, we will drain the water lines, blow them out and be finished with winterizing them. We won’t mind now, as we have the freeze proof hydrants and can access water all year long now without carrying buckets from the house all winter long. Wow……what a relief. We’ll see what Vick would like to do today before I will decide to start anything beyond draining water lines, because she may have plans too. We’ll see.
Well, I just went out and released all the critters who were eagerly awaiting my arrival. They weren’t allowed out yesterday due to the rain and they were bustin’ at the seams to go this morning. Here are some pictures I snapped as I made my rounds. See the fifteen dozen chicken eggs in the refrigerator? There are four dozen duck eggs. in there too. The 120 plus hens are really starting to do their part. We have new layers almost every day now and gather from 40 to 60 eggs a day. You can also see the pond as we do every morning and Timmy giving us a beautiful fall & Thanksgiving scene all day long. We know how fortunate we are to live here and enjoy this beauty everyday! We never take it for granted!

Oh, by the way....... we put Tina's 1st egg into the incubator this morning and plan to put any more she lays, within the next four days, in there too. If they hatch, we will keep them in the basement where the little chicks are now. (I'll post pictures of the chicks this evening too, so you can see how well they are doing too. They are from the eggs we gathered to hatch, when giving the adults the antibiotic, because the eggs were unfit for human consumption at that time)

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