Tuesday, November 18

Tuesday Eve, Nov.18th… Yowl, is it cold out there… holy mackerel…

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We all but finished the old duck and chicken house today. We worked diligently this afternoon after having lunch with Stanley Maltzman at the Two Kids Bakery. After picking up a box of nails at GNH before we went to lunch, I thought we had everything we needed to fly into the job and finish up. WRONG!! When we had the nylon stapled in position and we were ready to place the wood strips on that will hold it in place, we didn’t have screws long enough to hold the boards strips on., so, off to GNH we went again. When it started to get dark, we had everything done except for placing wooden strips on to the door nylon. Along with getting dark, our hands were so cold we couldn’t hold screws to start them anyway. Vicki is really susceptible to the cold since she started taking the medicine she is on now, so quitting for the day was a blessing to both of us.
After we warm up a little and have a bite to eat, I might set up the knitting machine we recently got and master making a scarf for the Hospice Gift Shop. We decided that since Vicki was doing lavender hearts for drawers and closets and painting masterpieces for the gift shop, I would do the scarves we want to place in there too. It’s actually easy with the machine…… all you do is keep it straight and run a carriage back and forth. There is nothing to it as long as it doesn’t drop a stitch. If it does….. Then I have to rely on my sweetie to bail me out. Anyway, I have to set up an area in the basement that I can use to make the scarves, so I’ll do that after dinner.
Tomorrow we have about 20 minutes of woodwork to perform on the old barn, then we will do the new barn, chicken run with nylon. We will still need to place wood strips over the nylon sheeting, so we will have to measure and cut them, then screw them on too. This, I would guess, will take us around an hour and a half over there once we get the tools moved over there. I suppose we will freeze tomorrow too.
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