Saturday, December 13

Friday Eve, Dec. 12th… Crippled after being shot……… that’s me..

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Lousy day……… gives breed to a lousy evening…… I always seem to have a lousy day after getting a flu shot. I wonder if you don’t get a little something or a little bit of the flu when you get that shot. I never have a reaction to the shot like some people……In fact I don’t even get any soreness at the site of the injection, but I do seem to feel a little poorly the next day. (Although I told you yesterday I was hatching something before getting the shot) Maybe it’s a sinus thing, because there is still a little dryness at the back of my throat yet. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow. I hope, because we are going to Hudson Falls for a tree lighting ceremony sponsored by the Washington County Hospice association and we are dedicating a tree to Carl, Vick’s late husband, who lost his life to pancreatic cancer. Hopefully the weather will remain good both on the way up and back home in the evening. Our Columbia / Greene County hospice doesn’t seem to do anything like this yet, or we would be going to it here in our own county. Oh well, maybe in the future……… who knows? Well, it’s 1:00am, so I guess it’s time to hit the hay. Good night……

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