Tuesday, January 6

Jan. 5th… Just…forget…what…I…said. I’D Kill the Bastard…Badly!!!

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I have been working on this damned computer from 6:00AM until 1:30Am ever since this thing was infected with the virus I contracted somewhere. I have dumped the hard drive three times now and have run PC Angel to restore the hard drive on the computer to, like new status, reloaded programs and files of pictures and other things needed to operate the farm, web pages and the blog. This damned thing locks files, erases all your restore points, shuts down and locks out Task Manager and will not allow you to update any virus protection you download. It wipes it’s namesake virus, off the list and you cannot update to get it back on there, so the virus protection works, but doesn’t see the culprit. The average person wouldn't even suspect that their anti-virus program wasn't working right, because it never sees anything happening. I saw it because my virus list wouldn't update and I know my computer. I usually seek out the problems and fix them. Not this time!
Now…. Going back to what I said the other day about having a few minutes with a virus writer and breaking his fingers……… forget it. Now I want to strip him naked, tie him onto a fire ant hill after punching it with a stick, pouring sugar water on him, then coming back in a few hours in the sun with the fire ants on him and douse him good with alcohol… then peel little strips of skin off him and make him beg for mercy., then just laugh at him, before kicking him in the groin. REPEATEDLY… I really don’t like whoever did this to me……… and for what? They don’t even have the decency to try to coerce me into buying a lousy software program to remove the crap they’ve injected into my computer….. At least then I could call the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, and fill out a FTC online complaint form (
http://www.ftc.gov) so they could catch the Ahole……… Noooooooo…… they just do it for the hell of it……to cause you grief and anguish. Like I said…… let me catch one… just one time… and I’ll be satisfied after breaking things of interest and rearranging some biological apparatus.
Now…… Much as I would love to blog for you all…… interestingly, as I’ve done in the past, I cannot…… Because that virus inflicting maniac has turned me into a raving idiot, in search of blood…… and uttering nasty words all day long as more and more torment surfaces on the screen of my computer. Vicki sneaks in occasionally, looking at me pitifully, as I drool and giggle while pulling little wisps of hair out and chewing on them…… for all I have are little wisps left amongst raw bare and irritated red spots where wisps used to reside.
Perhaps tomorrow will dawn a new day with no more problems appearing and things can get back to normal again. The dogs can come out from under the table too.

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