Sunday, January 25

Sunday, Jan. 25th… Tomorrow to Newark…Today we get ready……

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It’s a beautiful, cold, clear and sunny day…… much like we will wish for tomorrow when we trek to the Newark airport to pick up Robin, our Georgia friend who is coming for an eleven day visit. Vick and I can’t wait to get her into the car at the airport and start for home, in what will be Vick & Robin's first visit in over three or four years. I will finally get to meet her and get to know her personally. We have talked on the phone and by email or instant message and I know her about as much as any person can, under these circumstances, but in the next eleven days, we will all visit and enjoy all we can of Greene and Albany county's finest as we offer Robin a taste of our everyday living here on the farm and throughout the surrounding area.
We have several places we want to take her for lunch, some of which, she has requested to try, based on our raving’s, during discussions between her and Vicki…… There are a few we will surprise her with also, like four places in Vermont which we plan to visit in a little day trip, where we will all enjoy those attractions and everything in between, during the hour and fifteen minute trip up there.
I envision lots of relaxed, chit chat over wine and munchies in the evenings as we just roll with the flow of enjoying Robins company. Vicki is looking forward to her and Robin cooking together in the kitchen and I was already promised a killer recipe for southern corn bread, which I love. I picture the “whipping up” of several good concoctions and recipes between the three of us. I’ll probably whip up one of my Pa. Dutch meat loaf, which Vicki tried and enjoyed…… finding that it is very friendly, not causing the usual repeat of heat burn or indigestion, usually expected to accompany meat loaf. I may also whip up my old five bean casserole too. I usually don’t do this one too often, because I just want to keep eating and eating until they are all gone.
OOOOOH, they’re Soooooooooooo good! If anyone is interested in the recipes for these or, good ol’ PA Dutch pickled eggs, just email me and I’ll gladly write them out for ya. I don’t have copies……because I just whip them up from memory. They are my three specialties, but living around the Amish and frequenting a local Amish restaurant for years, was not without the picking up a lot of the recipes for the “Good Stuff”.

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