Wednesday, January 14

Wed. Jan. 14th… Temp. disposed with Virus infection again???

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Hi Ya’ll…… As it would seem, this morning I was infected again by another virus…… Now I gotta tell ya, this was starting to piss me off……… I had about all I could take from BitDefender, as it had given way to something and had the “real time” monitoring shut off, virus detection removed and the identity protection shut off. You could not update the virus list either…… just like the last time. Having had enough of this crap, I deleted BitDefender from the computer and downloaded the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool that Microsoft offers and upon performing a complete scan of my computer files……… it found NOTHING!!!!!
Now, I know that anti-virus developers will stoop so low as to inject a fake virus into your computer, which will hold you hostage until you buy their program to remove it, and some will even go as far as to hijack your credit card info after you give in and buy their program to remove the virus and empty your bank account and max out your card, but why would an anti-virus program, once bought, continue to say you have a virus when you don’t??????? I don’t know of an answer to that, unless BitDefender is a whore company, selling to you and then cheating on you and allowing a virus to pay them so BitDefender will let them infiltrate your computer by breeching their software.
My scan is now over and there was absolutely no spy ware or virus in my computer. Let me do some more investigative work and I’ll blog the results later today, but for right now. If you have BitDefender or know of anyone who does………tell them to dump them and find something else to protect them. What CRAP!!

(I have nothing right now and my computer runs better than it has for a long time. )

I think I might go back to Norton, who knows. Need to check them all out again. Later!!

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