Saturday, February 21

Sat Feb 21st… Another Day, another doughnut…no.. just a hole…?

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Here we are again… the beginning to an obviously beautiful doughnut. It’s sunny and clear with a lot of blue sky up there. Then, I see the temperature and realize it’s just another doughnut hole instead, you think your gonna get the doughnut, then you find all you get is the hole. IT'S COLD…twenty six degrees and windy. Cold enough to freeze your toes and fingers off, because the winds out there are gusting to 27 mph, making it feel like fifteen degrees out there.
Come On SPRING!!!!! We know you’re out there!!!

Today I’ll work on the biography re-write again. Vicki has three illustrations done for the poetry book now and still making more while I’m still checking out publishers, to see which one I want to give our money to. Does anyone out there recommend a good publishing house? One who will work with you and let you do it your way? I don’t want to, or expect to become another Roth, Salinger, Orwell or Hemingway, but I would like to publish my book……… you know, simply publish it. It doesn’t need to be distributed all over the world, or suffer great acclaim, but I’d like to be a published poet and author, so I dredge through the internet scum to find a reputable and fair publisher. This takes much of my precious time and then I start to become disenchanted with the literary pursuits that make me feel as though I am wasting my time when I could be doing tangible things at the barn or planning more feasible things… or just hugging Sweet Vicki and making her more happy…… things that are real, positive…now…the future… but Vicki keeps assuring me that I need to chase that silver lining in that distant cloud and publish my book of poems. She is also adamant that our story of life here together and how “It all Began With a Puppy”, should be published. It’s a story of Vicki and I, just a few years ago when both of our lives were drastically and involuntarily changed. I suppose two such people, united by such inimitably celestial intervention, of such magnitude, should definitely be published so the world might be able to share in their happiness, thus, I continue to search out a venue by which to get our story into print.
Yep…… it’s gonna just be another hole day…… but this evening, we are going to the Villa Vosilla to help celebrate Vicki's brother, Richie and Robin’s Anniversary. We will have dinner there and Vicki’s father, Joe Drao will be entertaining the dinner crowd as we dine. It will be a memorable evening for all in attendance as we celebrate.

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