Monday, May 18

Mon Eve May 18th... Art Class For Tonight Cancelled Due to A Fall......

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Our friend and mentor of the art world, Stanley Maltzman, had to cancel tonight’s class on watercolor because he fell this morning as he was leaving his house. He had a pair of shoes on that had an extra cleat on the front toe of the shoe, which caught on the door sill. He was leaving the house and as he attempted to step through the door, the cleat caught and he tripped out the door onto his porch, injuring himself bad enough to cause him to call the VA for them to check it. He just had a hip replacement last winter and thought he may have injured his leg or hip. It turned out that it was just badly bruised, but ok. We’re thankful, because Stan is 87 years old and probably wouldn’t do well with a break to heal. We’re glad he cancelled the class and is taking it easy. Vicki told him to call us if he needed anything, because we, along with his friend and nurse, Joyce, keep a pretty close eye on him. We also keep his daughter Susan updated with anything she needs to know about her Dad, which he hasn’t told her. (Within reason, being careful not to infringe on his privacy or be a tattle-tail)

We decided tonight to pull all the eggs under the chickens in the barn, because it was becoming impossible to keep the nest eggs and fresh eggs separated. We candled all the eggs and the ones with live embryos, went to the brooding house and into the incubator to finish up. Some we’re just starting and a few were chirping...... We would have liked the hens to hatch them and raise them, but we had four chicks hatch already and two disappeared... finding one dead later and the other vanished without a trace. When that happened, we took the other two from under Mom and placed them in the brooding house to raise them under a heat lamp. They are now with the twenty four Araucanas we picked up this morning at Agway. By tomorrow, there will be another one or two to add to them. We can watch these guys much better in the incubator than the hen that kicks eggs out onto the floor and switch from nest to nest. I think the hens being raised in a hatchery incubator, still have a sitting instinct, but not a complete one and they loose interest to feed and stay off the nest too long or return to the wrong nest box.

Now we can return to gathering eggs morning and evening, from every nesting box and get them candled, weighed, graded and into the refrigerator quickly. We are also just about a week or two from marketing our eggs into the local stores now. We are just waiting on the grade and size stamps. We’ll also market our eggs at the farmers market Greenville is going to start up soon.

I guess we’ll start the Hospice gift shop building soon. We need to go to GNH and pick up the sill material to place under the sill plate. We can get that anytime... maybe tomorrow...... then take off like “Ol’ Bob the Builder” again! Fun, fun, fun......

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