Thursday, May 7

Thurs May 7th… Looks As If It Will Rain Through The Weekend……

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That certainly is bad news for planned picnics on Sunday… which is Mother's Day, but they are only projecting thunderstorms. Hopefully, they will be regional and pass quickly, so people can celebrate with the traditional BBQ's and other outings. Vicki’s family is supposed to come for a cook-out, to relax and enjoy the back deck's sunshine. Hopefully, all the thunderstorms will pass us on either side that day, sparing us the hassle and allowing all to enjoy warm sunny skies.
We finished the electric fence around the front of the pasture, between the driveway and the barn. That will allow the alpacas an area almost a third the size of the original pasture to graze in. We also plan to put in temporary fencing at the pond area, so they can enjoy all that tall grass, rather than just mow it down. They love fresh green grass to graze on and can be contented to graze all afternoon long.
We’d like to get the center beam cut and put together for the rear deck roof project, but the rain has kept the lumber a little too wet to glue together, so we’ll have to wait for it to dry out a bit. Actually, I’m kind of waiting for Herman and his contractor friend to stop by to look at the job, so I’m sure we have the correct stuff before making a twenty one foot long, cut, glued and nailed chunk of lumber I can’t do anything with, if it's the wrong material. At least by waiting, if the lumber isn’t right, we can return it and pick up the correct thing.
The metal roofing for the “Bunny Brothel” should arrive at GNH Lumber around next Tuesday, so we need to find a clear day to install the purlins, so we’re ready to put the roofing on when it comes. We’ll also need to take a trip to Shokan soon to pick up our door for the building. Then of course, Jeff will come and complete the cement work some day for the Hospice Gift Shop. We hope!

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