Monday, August 31

Mon. Aug. 31st... Snavely Mill to the Vet for Operations this morning...NERVOUS...

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Vicki has been like a cat with a long tail in a rocking chair factory...on pins and needles about this morning and surgery. We’ll blog later today, since we have to have her in the office by 8:30 this morning. They will sedate her and go into the bladder and remove around 40 or 50 stones, which will return her to a normal urination. She has been looking like she has to pee all the time and takes for ever to go. Now we know why... and I wonder if Dutchess doesn’t also have a few. She does the same “squat and walk” thingie while peeing. We’ll watch for signs of blood in her urine and would know then for sure. She acts fine, in fact the long intervals in between her going now makes me think she does not have any stones.

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