Sunday, September 20

Sunday Sept. 20th... The Bar-B-Q was A Fun For All That Came...

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We started the Bar-B-Q yesterday around 4 O'clock in the afternoon by burping the Maine clams. Now, if you like clams, hate to pay the price of little necks, but likewise hate the gritty sand in the Maine clams which are much cheaper and taste the same...just burp them. Start with a large plastic tub and place all your clams in it...just covering the clams with water. Next pour an entire can of ground pepper in and stir the contents gentle until the powder is no longer lying on the top of the water. Now wait about eight minutes.... and the pepper will irritate the clams and they will start expelling the water and all the sand from inside the clamshell. Next, tilt your tub and dump the pepper water out and flush the clams with clean water. Keep the clams iced until cooking, but out of water. There you have it... We were given this tidbit of knowledge by a Price Chopper employee who spends a lot of time in Maine with the full time resident clammers up there. "They use this method all the time", he said, so we tried it and it works great. Vicki can buy 400 Maine clams for a fraction of the price of littlenecks, so you can stuff your guests on steamed clams affordably and they love them. We didn't have near as many people as we invited, which is about normal....but we had a good time just the same. At least this time Vicki and I weren't stuck cooking for the masses constantly and were able to sit down and join into conversation at times and when we were finished eating, were able to build a wood fire on the deck and roasted marshmallows..... After that, Vicki, Denny, Judy and I just sort of sat around the fire ring and chatted until they decided to call it an evening.

Today, Joe is to come to do the weekly cleaning of the barns, which is nice to see. It takes the load off Vicki and me and allows us to concentrate our efforts in other areas, allowing us to complete needed jobs before the winter winds blow.

By The Way!!!!!! Anybody notice that we're only two days away from Official Fall at 5:18 PM EDT Tuesday afternoon? Didn't I tell you this month was flashing by like an out of control lightning bolt? Soon we will be into October and then in the blink of an eye, we'll be into another Holiday season.

I guess that is all the more reason to have more and more
Bar-B-Q's, parties and get-togethers or try to attend as many as we can too. Life goes to fast and we need to take notice and start enjoying it more. What better way to enjoy life than to spend the day or evening with friends and then coming home to cuddle up lovingly with one another until you drift off to sleep.

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