Monday, October 5

Monday, Oct. 5th... A Reviewed Book Almost Immediately Is Outrageously Cool...

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Following is a press release from The Long Island Free Press that was placed on Sunday. . We were amazed that my book was placed in such a prestigious newspaper so close to the "Big Apple", being only two days after it came out, but we are very appreciative to whoever saw fit to enter it there so quickly. The book is available on the left side of our blog to anyone interested in having a copy. Simply click on the "Buy Now" button and purchase your copy through It is a quick, easy and secure way to pay for almost anything now days, with their service going way beyond eBay. Now you can pay individuals and use it like "Bill Pay".... paying anyone with an email address. I have sold about fifteen books since receiving them Friday evening.

Joe is coming again today to finish the barn cleaning and then help me with a little bit of the work on the hospice gift shop. We'll try to dig the pillar holes and install the concrete for the porch deck today and get the treated material list together, so we can have all that here for next weekend, when help might arrive for a building party. (Dependent on weather conditions...) If it doesn't happen this coming weekend though, it's off for next weekend, because the 17th is scheduled for the Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck and we won't miss that one.

Vicki is proudly marketing her artwork on our publishing house web site at near the bottom of the page. There, she is offering a watercolor note card sets for $11.88 (tax inc) each.There are five different sets, with eight different cards and envelopes in each set. She has ingeniously included a cover card showing which cards are in each of the five sets. Soon, I will have her individual 5 x 7 original watercolor art on glass and mirror selections available at unbelievable prices. Keep watching her site above.

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Set #1

Set #2

Set #3

Set #4

Set #5
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