Saturday, October 17

Sat Oct. 17th... Going to The Sheep And Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York...

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Yes today sometime, we are trekking to Kingston, where we will cross the Hudson River into Rhinebeck, to attend the annual sheep and wool festival held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. It should be more interesting than last year, because we now have three alpacas and six angora rabbits and will be much more versed on what we are looking at this year. Vicki is anxious to see some spinning and other things in the different booths and we will be able to discuss our operation with others doing the same.

All morning I've been fighting with the computer and blogger which has not worked properly or rapidly since downloading all the stuff everyone says we needed to download. "Get with the program" they say..."You need to keep your computer current" they say...then when you do those things, nothing ever works the same again, if you're even lucky enough to get them to work at all.
Mozilla Foxfire sucks with its little quirks, not allowing certain things to work or changing the way they appear, or just not working at all.
Google, with its chrome program, sucks equally as well...running fast, but poorly when there is no tool bar to use when needed.
I now am back to Internet Explorer 8 with the optimized browser equivalent to and actually a field trial version of IE9, which they put out to gain feedback from users. Who knows what it is going to work like. I'll let you know after blogging for awhile and doing other computer related tasks I used to do in short order with my old "antiquated system".

Time to get ready to go to the festival... later guys and Gals!!

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