Saturday, October 3

Saturday Eve, Oct. 3rd... Had an Interesting Greenville Day and Farmer's Market...

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Today was a new experience for both Vicki and me at the Farmer's Market, then afterwards at the Greenville Day celebration. I sold three copies of my book to interested ladies who have an appreciation for very deep poetry. Vicki sold several note card sets and at least three 4x6 framed art paintings... all with her new technique with white glue and watercolor. They are really very unique and beautiful. On top of that, we sold twenty three dozen eggs to old and new egg customers alike. It was a banner day for both Vick and I and Judy our friend that sells jams, jellies and soaps of all types, shapes and fragrances. Judy uses the name, Razzberry Raccoons and her email address is , so drop Judy an email to see where she is going to set up next. People come for miles around to buy her jams and jellies. Her soaps are a hit with Vick and me too. We buy all our soaps from her and I've noticed very few kids passing her by. She has soaps with bugs, bats or fish inside which makes the extremely appealing to little boys and girls.

When we returned home this afternoon, we had a bowl of cabbage soup and went out to work on the outside wall of the chicken coop, which we have almost completed. It will make it really easy to winterize and still have a multitude of light shining in all day long.
Tomorrow we are going to Dutchess Country Fairgrounds for their arts and crafts fair. We are going, but only to browse and look around. As long as we can work on the building projects here at home, sell eggs or chicks....sell some art work or copies of my books, we can go to any of the fall festivals so we can say we didn't miss them. We are kind of busy and butt dragging tired most of the time though.... you know.....maybe that's exactly the way a person should live. Our friend Stanley Maltzman is around 84 years old, still producing classic art, still teaching art and planning to go to Oregon sometime soon, to do some art teaching out there. The way Stanley moves around pursuing his love of art makes us look lazy, and we're seldom still... with the exception that right now, I'm tired enough to hit the sack and watch TV until I drift off to sleep. Our bedroom is so cozy and I love our bed. It's the coziest EVER!!!

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