Tuesday, October 27

Tues. Oct 27th... We're On the Downhill Side of Going to Print In the Spring...

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The Next Book is Written & Has Gone to a Second Writing
Next out in paperback will be the biography about a man and a woman from different states and different walks of life, telling how they both shared the same dream to own and run a little farm up north somewhere....How they got together and how they did it... A source of hope and inspiration for anyone who dreams of a different life and how quickly the tables turn and can thrust you into that very dream. For this couple many strange, earth shattering and yet magnificent things happened on the heals of shear tragedy and heartache. Come along and watch as our new life unfolds into today's paradise.
It All Began With a Puppy - Our Uncommon Journey.

Watch For It This Spring! 2010

The above is a small review of the upcoming book I'm working on right now.
Anyway, I thought I would give everyone an update on the upcoming book entitled "It All Began With a Puppy, Our Uncommon Journey", which I plan to release it in the spring. This book just seriously entered the second writing last week. I am going over it with a fine tooth comb, rewriting and correcting some places and adding bits and pieces which I failed to include in the original transcript, as I blazed across the keys in a whirlwind of memory, trying to recall events in both Vicki and my lives several years ago. I am also doing the first line writings of my third book, entitled "Life in the Barren World", which is a biography of me as a twelve year old, growing up in central Pennsylvania, near and old strip mining area. It deals with the trials and tribulations of a young boy in a time when money was tight, the world was scared and many kids were alone to grow by themselves... Nothing like it is in today's world.
This writing and the second writing become very draining, because I blog in the present, do rewrites in the recent past and dive deeply into my memory with the first line biography. Sometimes I can't get my mind straight to concentrate on the one which I am presently working on. Things from my childhood pop into my mind as I work on Vicki and my story and I must stop top make a note to remember the incident for inclusion into that book, and then get back into the previous mindset, which sometimes is almost impossible, but I keep trying......

Our sunny start to the day ain't so sunny... and neither am I. I still have a lot of pain in my legs and knees today... almost as bad as yesterday, so I'm really looking forward to those Cortisone shots tomorrow! I am going to try to work out at the gift shop some today. Perhaps we can do the ground work, so I don't have to go up a ladder just yet. I suppose I will feel much better about the ladder after the Cortisone shots tomorrow, but will still be cautious not to hurt them since the Cortisone just hides the pain and makes the body think it isn't injured. I'll just have to be aware not to do too much knee bashing work, that's all.

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