Wednesday, October 14

Wednesday October 14th... 33 degrees and clear...Great for working if the knees agree...

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I was up this morning at 6:31 and turned the dogs out for their first run and kitty licking... Seems all the dogs are now exclusive friends with the two barn cats, Calli and Kaylee and all of them can't wait to cuddle, purr, wag tails, lick and rub over one another. At least that's better than we feared would happen upon their first encounter, especially after Casey Mae immediately pinned a chicken to the ground and Princess actually killed five chickens in three minutes when she escaped the confines of the fenced yard. We are happy that there was no cat crunching that took place. It seems that our only problem with the cats now appears to be their occasional trek to or across the road. They have no fear of cars and will one day perform the usual stupid maneuver all cats tend to exhibit...playing chicken with cars. We will surely find a flattened cat on the road I fear, so Vick has decided to set herself apart from the customary art of falling in love with the cuddly, purring fur balls, just in case.

There are many things we would like to accomplish. One being the fact that I must have someone draw a blood sample to be sent away, so the results are back for my Doctors appointment coming up. He is testing me for many things dealing with the Psoriasis type breakout on my fingers and feet. Next, we need to complete whatever is necessary at the DMV in Catskill so we can license our smaller travel trailer in New York. It has remained sitting on the rear lot since moving it here from Pa, almost three years or so ago. Now we would like to take it back to Pa to visit my Dad, so we can stay there overnight in a campsite and have the dogs along with us. We also have the gift shop to work on, a turkey house to build and the door blanket to install on the alpacas entry door. Couple all these things with the desire to trek around enjoying the fall festivals and you have more than can possibly be done all at once, so we just keep whittling away at the list.

I have more and more feedback about my book and how much everyone likes it. I am extremely proud and grateful to all who have bought the book and responded by email with such kind compliments. I look forward to selling more and more as time goes by, which is in itself exciting, but the correspondence is even more exciting when I see in print, how well my work is received. I am extremely humbled by the extent of compliments I have received and cherish them all.

I am now doing second writings on my next book, "It all Began With a Puppy – Our Uncommon Journey", a story which is actually about Vicki and I, the animals and how we came together through our own individual tragedies. As a result of these tragedies, we came to lean upon one another and became close friends, then realized we were actually two soulmate's searching for the same life and each other. After that, the story tells of two united as one, striving to make a lifelong dream come true. It should be in print next early spring.

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