Wednesday, October 7

Wednesday October 7th... Cold and Windy but we Got Er' Done.... Kinda...a Little...

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Both Vick and I slept in until ten o'clock today! I got up around 6:10 and went to the bathroom and while there, looked out the window to see the threat of rain and a brisk wind blowing. When I went back into the bedroom, Vick looked so angelic, just lying there snoozing, with Casey Mae and Princess snuggled against her; Dutchess and Beary on the floor by her side. I said to myself, "Myself"...Cause that's what I always call myself...So I said, myself....SCREW THIS CRAP!" With that, I hoosied Princess off the bed and rolled Casey Mae to the center and jumped back into bed and went back to sleep. Around 7:15, I awoke again to the sound of strong winds and rain pelting the window.... I said nothing, but rolled over and snuggled down into the warm covers again and drifted off to sleep until 10:00. I finally stirred and got up to get dressed and greet the day (which was ½ over by now) and came down to let the dogs out and start coffee.
We left the animals out and then took off for the post office where I sent off two more of my books. Once done there, we went to GNH and Vick sent a stupid Oreck air purifier that didn't work, back to the place she bought it. GNH has a UPS pickup site there, so we used it to drop the package there for pickup. We use Ionic Breeze purifiers we get from eBay and the house always smells so fresh with the ozone air smell, just like it smells after a spring rain. Well anyway, she sent the crumby thing back.
We went just across the street and had lunch at Owen and Jacobs, a little luncheonette and then headed for Cairo to pick up Vicki's prescription at the CVS drugstore. It was a good trip, because Vick wanted to stop at Story's Nursery to arrange for a replacement tree for one we bought last year this time, which didn't make it. This past spring when the other three got leaves, this one started to, then they died and fell off. She also wanted to talk to them about the tamarack pine tree we bought too, because all the pine needles fell off of it.
We also got diesel fuel for the pickup truck and when we got home, I poured both five gallon cans into the truck and we were then off to the feed store. When we returned, Vick started to work on the barn windows and I dropped the hinged ventilation panels above the alpacas for winter. I am going to install the blanket to close off the lower section of the Dutch door with the heavy horse blanket we bought for there. I then started digging holes for the concrete pillars at the gift shop. Tomorrow will be digging holes and closing off openings where cold air enters the barn. I gotta get the pillars in so we can build this week end if Colleen and JD get a work party together. Shoot...I gotta get them in anyway and we'll do the building if they can't come... It's gotta get done. The program is dependent on it!!!!! Now it's off to bed for the night..... Later friends.

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