Monday, November 2

Monday Nov. 2nd... The Roof Is Completed & the Door is in Place...Now Windows...

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We finished the roof this morning, after meeting our new neighbors that bought our friend Ransom's house down the road. They were here originally and then moved to California, which they said was a big they told Ol' Arnold Schwarzenegger, "We won't be back!" They bought the house and plan to remodel it before moving in, and are running back and forth to Albany. We gave them the short route to where they are staying and a bunch of other information about trash pickup, phone service, internet and TV. They like the same types of restaurants as us, and I think we will probably be pretty close friends, spending some time together doing things and helping one another. Anyway... after they were on their way, Vick and I went to work on the gift shop and got all the trim work and ridge cap on the roof to complete it. We also got the side lights inside the building and the door in place. Tomorrow, we will finish installing windows, sidelights and the door. We'll go to Lowe's and pick up a door knob and deadbolt lock. First thing in the morning, we have to vote though.
I was going to take some pictures of today's progress, but it really would be hard to see what we did unless you were on the roof. Tomorrow sometime in the morning, I suppose, we will have the windows installed, the door secured and the side light panels installed and I will then take pictures of the building. The next thing after that would be to work on the porch ceiling......then the inside area....

Before all that though, I'm gonna close the swimming pool before it snows or freezes over! Then I have to do something with our boat to get it ready for winter.

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