Sunday, November 1

Sunday, November 1st... The New Month Is Ushered In With Sunshine and 52°....

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Wow, what more could you ask for on a day you hope to make monumental headway with a building project. It's the first day of November and it is to be in the low fifties with partial sunshine all day long. If that's not good enough... tomorrow is gonna be the same! We hope to work with Colleen and JD today and get the roof on. Perhaps since I did as much of the purlings and actual application of the roofing on the steep side, we will finish early and they might help set the door and windows. That would be really nice, having the extra help of a professional finish carpenter like JD, but if they cannot stay to help, we'll gladly bid them farewell and thank them for whatever help they gave us. It will definitely give them a helper status and their names will be added to the brass plaque of helpers and vendors, who helped to make the Nature's Friend's of Hospice, Inc. gift shop a reality.
We've shifted our attention away from the outside appearance, which has now been pretty well been established and are concentrating on what type of finishing touch Vicki wants to add in there. She is developing a plan in her head as to the appearance of the walls and ceiling and has established that the old antique style wainscoting applied half way up the outer walls finished with another type material above with a shelf divider would look quaint. I trust that Vick, coupled with the designer abilities of her Mom and Dad, will come up with an excellent combination that will add charisma to the inside that will parallel the outside, country charm and beauty. Once the roofing is completed and the door and windows are in place, we can concentrate on other things for awhile until we are completely ready for winter.

We need to close up the pool......I know, I know...we're a little late this fall. Then there is the wood strips on the old barn that will insure the vinyl will stay in place and not tear off. We need hay for the loft to insure we can get through the winter with the Alpacas and bunnies having enough to eat when the snow is on the ground. And finally, I'd like to build a small 8x8 turkey house on the end of the bunny brothel yet. A turkey house is only a day's work for the DeWalt saw and Bostitch framing nailer we have...especially when building against an existing structure.

Stay tuned for the day's end roundup of progression pictures. I'll post them this evening when we're done.

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