Thursday, December 24

Thursday, December 24, 2009... Twas The Night Before Christmas...All Day???

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I've often wondered how an eve could be assigned to any part of the day before the proverbial afternoon, which we were taught always preceded an evening. I find upon researching, that it has nothing to do with evening...but more with "Before", such as the day or days immediately before an important event or special occasion or the day, evening, or night before a religious festival or public holiday such as we are about to enjoy this Eve. How strange that we take what our parents hand down to us as a...sort of "gospel" explanation isn't it? Christmas was my Mother's holiday and she celebrated it with extreme gusto...embracing the spirit of the holiday with an energy most kids won't see from their parents. My Great Grandmother on her side was 100% Shawnee Indian and a lot of her holiday celebrating was spawned by that heritage and the English and French background combined...but in any event, she decorated in November sometimes and continued until New Years Day. The only two events which interrupted the Christmas season were the day which began it all for her and that was Thanksgiving Day and the white-tailed deer season opener, which always opened the first Monday after Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania. She never missed that...and the raiding of our tree was usually gauged by the end of the antlerless deer season which was always the third Monday after Thanksgiving. There were always some type of Christmas decorations up in advance of our Christmas tree I said...usually around Thanksgiving Day. She was a very religious person in her own way and always conducted herself according to her am I. I believe I take after her a lot in many aspects of my life and I'm proud of that. I don't decorate and go all out with Christmas as she did, but I do make sure that her Christmas tree is displayed in her memory each and every year. It's not on her grave as it was when I lived fifteen minutes away, but it is close to where she now lives her in Upstate New York. Since her spent body remains in Pennsylvania, but her spirit now resides within my heart here, so I display that Christmas tree in the window of the Hospice Gift Shop for her and all to see. So if you go by our house...don't be surprised to see a short little Indian lady, in bright ceremonial Christmas garb, smiling past her tree in the window, as she watches you pass......
Tonight we will gather here with family and friends, to feast and celebrate the season when we commemorate the birth of the Christ child, our Lord and Savior.
Merry Christmas one and all... family and friends, especially Vick and you Mom...

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