Monday, February 22

Mon Feb 22nd... Another Six Days and Were Into March...But it's Snowing Now!!

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Jeeze whiz... I sure want spring to come soon. It was so warm outside today and now it's snowing like crazy. I really want the snow to be gone so the animals can get back outside daily...picking and scratching all over, being happy. Right now...we leave them out and they scratch and they pick...but they don't find too much for their efforts. There seems to be a severe shortage of bugs to eat in the winter, so let's go spring! We're ready for ya... in all your glory!
We started the day by going to a doctor's appointment in Albany in the morning and after returning home, checked on the animals, then worked on the web site. We have it all on-line now, but there are still some bugs to work out and three sets of double pot holders to be added yet. We were successful in getting the shopping cart feature integrated into the site without any problems too, so now it's a regular on-line Farm Shopping Site, Farm Arts and Crafts Site and Hospice funding generator. Curious? Just click on and look around. I've been threatening to, make the site a shopping cart for quite sometime now, but having the processed alpaca fiber and woven scarves, hats, etc., helped light a fire under me.
We got a call from Hudson Sheep & Wool Company in Red Hook today. Bollero's fiber has been picked and cleaned. We attempted to pick it by hand, but there was so much fine vegetable matter in the fiber, that we could not get it all out. Their machines do an excellent job of removal and since it was there, Vick decided to have it made into roving, so I won't even have to suffer carding it, because it is so floats in the air like the angora fiber does, getting into you nose, hanging off your face and stuck all over your hands. It ain't fun...
Anyway, when we go down and pick it up, we are going to get the felting needles and I will begin felting animals and figurines to sell in the hospice gift shop and on-line. I have an entire line of animals lined up to create with felting needles as soon as we get them. Keep watching for some photos soon.....

The snowman below and the fish on a creel above are creations available from Louise Walsh on her site at under "Evergreen at Work."
Someday, I hope to be able to produce this type of quality items for sale in the hospice gift shop.
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