Wednesday, April 21

Wednesday, April 21, 2010... Things Are Comin' Alive Around Here... Fast!!!!

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Wow, before you know it, the way time is will be May and we'll be into the Memorial Day holiday again. Even though the actual summer equinox doesn't officially occur until June 21st, our summer will begin on the Memorial Day weekend as always. Summer is short enough here in upstate New York, so we will take all we can get...and a good way is to start summer activities as soon as the weather becomes nice. Most all of the Farmer's Markets will be in full swing or just starting by Memorial Day, and we are looking forward to marketing our eggs, alpaca, sheep and angora fibers and products this year. We just received a box of advertising materials from the "Pride of New York" office Saturday and in it was a really nice banner measuring about 3 x 5 feet, which we will hang across the back side of our Easy-Up canopy when we go to sell our goods. That will tell everyone we are sanctioned as a member of the Pride of New York farm groups.
Today is duck day....We should have ducks hatching today or tomorrow...I know the last time we candled the eggs, we saw a bunch of little ducky feet moving around in each of the eggs. We also have a bunch of Peking duck eggs which were given to us to hatch. They appear to be doing quite nicely also. They won't hatch until around May 9th, if all goes well. I really love taking care of little ducks. They are so cute and loving, unlike when they grow up and always act like you are going to kill them. Seems so are around them daily, feed and water them, nurture them and love them and when they mature, they run like the wind when you're near them...even though you still feed and water them. They're strange.
Unless you've already read the previous post about Herbie the Merino sheep we are getting...we are on a two week countdown to go pick him up. He is being treated for lice which he was infested with as a result of a little girl's Angora goat which was being boarded at the same farm where Herbie now resides.
Anyway.... I gotta get with the program and start getting some stuff done around here since Vick's parents went home again. I think I'll start by checking for duckies.......yeah.....
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