Saturday, July 3

Saturday, July 03, 2010...It's hot...I'm Tired...It's late...And Tomorrow Is Coming...

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We were at the Farmer's market today and sold a few eggs, a couple of book markers, but more importantly, met a bunch of new friends and spent the morning with Joodee, one of our close friends who attends Greenville and now Coeyman's Landing Farmer's Market on Thursday evenings. If we can swing the Voorheesville Farmer's Market on Friday evenings, it will fill part of our week.
Actually, right now, we're doing pretty well with just the two, our restaurants and the sales from right here on the farm. We sold about forty-five dozen eggs last week! Things are really looking up for us with egg sales. We appreciate all our loyal egg customers who purchase our eggs and we are extremely glad they enjoy them so much.
Our roadside egg stand is almost ½ ways finished. We have turkeys in the brooding house and the turkey house is ½ ways finished too.
Looks like the hospice gift shop isn't gonna get opened as soon as we planned, but it will make it, that's for sure. That's a dream we will not give up on....especially since we are 501-C3 approved by the state and federal government.
Right now, I'm going to the shower, the air conditioning and bed....
Tomorrow around 12:30....we are leaving for New Jersey for a wedding....returning on Monday afternoon. We have a house sitter to take care of the dogs....and Dawna will be here to check on the animals a little later in the evening.
See ya all around Monday evening or Tuesday morning.
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