Saturday, August 14

Sat. Aug. 14th...The Market Wasn't What We Expected It Would Be Today....

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What a farmers market should look four vendors like ours.......
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We have been busy....busier than a beakless chicken in a worm jar..... Running all over Vermont and northern New York this week. We were looking for product to bring to the farmer's market on Saturday morning.

I've been getting to bed late and getting up early, rushing around and driving all over the state, so I think I'm burned out a bit today. A nice evening in the hot tub and a night's sleep; from before midnight to eight or so in the morning, should fix me back up.
We had a pretty good day at the market, and then when we got home, sold more eggs and a meat bird to a couple of guys from the city.
We'll have some of the sweet corn that didn't sell today, and Vick is making our main.....chicken corn soup. I LOVE IT!!!!!
We got to the market this morning early and started to set up as our friend Joodee sat up her table to sell her jams and soaps. We only set up the maple syrup, honey, cheese curd, sweet corn, our eggs, Jumbo Cornish X Rock broilers and the plum & peach cobbler Vick baked. She sold them all but two plums. We sold several maple syrups and corn, but no other chickens but the one here at home. I don't think we sold a jar of honey, which surprised me, because we've had people ask for that several times. I guess those folks weren't there today. We didn't even sell out of eggs, which is odd. We only had ten dozen to sell too. Now we have about twelve dozen in the roadside egg stand out front, but we always keep about twelve dozen there for our regular customers all through the week.
I placed a jar of honey on the shelf and will put a few containers of the cheese curd which costs $3.99, in the cooler with the eggs and Joodee's jams, but the maple syrup is too expensive to risk out there. The Jams are $5.00 each and a pound of honey is $7.50, but a pint of maple syrup is $10.99 each...more than I want to put in there. There are a few empty bottles out there with prices on and a sign that maple syrup is available at the house.
We are thinking about approaching the cheese curd people and asking about being a distributor for them in this area. We could then distribute their cheese curd, fresh mozzarella, smoked mozzarella and Ricotta to stores and restaurants in the area. Then again.....we don't know if we want to run once a week to Bennington, VT to get the product.
I'll have to fill the propane tank on the grill so we can barbeque which we haven't had a chance to do this summer.
Well...I gotta go. I have to put new price tags on the maple syrup in the farm stand and soon we will be eating chicken corn soup and sweet corn on the cob, close in the animals and be off to bed. Tomorrow is another day........

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