Sunday, August 22

Sunday, August 22, 2010... Beautiful Rain Is Falling...and the Market Was Great...

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Yesterday morning we started out early with a lot of hope, but little expectation for a good market turnout and even less optimism for large sales. WRONG on both accounts! It was a really great day and although we had only six dozen eggs with us to sell, we felt we had enough other merchandise to sell...besides if we sold out of eggs and demand was there for more, we could come back to the farm and grab more out of the roadside stand, which held about eight dozen too.
Well....that's exactly what happened...and later in the afternoon, we sold every egg on the farm! I suppose the Salmonella scare, which has spread to a nationwide story in every paper and on every internet home page, has a lot to do with folks wanting to know where their eggs came from. We told Donna at the "Green Dish at Freehold House", to take that and run every chance she gets with her customers, making it known that all her delicious fare is safe, with local free range eggs being used in her dishes.
Anyway....back to the farmer's market yesterday... We introduced our newest item and it was a smash success. Fresh, hand pulled Mozzarella from Maplebrook Farms, in Vermont. We almost sold an entire case of that to customers who will return for more next week and bring friends who tasted theirs. We're sure of that! It's the greatest! Next week we will offer the fresh Mozzarella, hand dipped Ricotta, and cheddar cheese bites from Maplebrook Farms, along with all our other items. Vick is looking into another venue if it comes to pass, which will be neat and compliment what we already sell. (Maybe more on that later)
We sold maple syrup, honey, cheese, a bunch of apple and peach cobblers too.
We try to be there every week, and if not, tell our customers where we will be. The market now consists of the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC and Razzberry Raccoons Jams & Soaps. That's about it. The thing is that all our customers rely on us being there for all their weekly goodie needs. Joodee sells soap and jam like it's going out of style and no one else has any. All her jams are excellent and made with real fillings or canned ingredients or artificial flavorings...everything with fresh fruited flavor. Her soaps are outrageous...and can't be beat. She has fragrances t die for and a lot of comical, but realistic smells like "dirt" or "tomato" and the regular favorites which encompass about all the flower fragrances and lots of food stuff. There are the usual ocean spray and spring rain smells and a multitude of others, which are very unique to Razzberry Raccoon soaps.
Anyway, back to the market, from my drift factor....we did really well and I'm sure everyone will be back for more next Saturday. We'll be there fully stocked and ready too.
As I started out saying.....It's raining here! Hallelujah...we need it so badly. I hope it rains all day long at a brisk, then slow pace, off and on all day and night into tomorrow. That would surely help the drought situation here. There are still people in the Ravena area with dry wells. I hope for their sake, we get enough slow, long rain to help the water table and restore their wells.
We'll work on the new stall for the sheep, so we can limit their access to the hay and other feed before they explode. We didn't think they would be so piggy when we limited their custom mixed bag feed, but they can go through a round bale of hay in three weeks or so. All you see are sheep butts when you look out into the pasture, because they are so lazy, that they fold their front legs, to kneel down, so they have their mouth at ground level without having to bend over. Well, that will stop after today. It's also necessary so other animals can eat too. The little hogs barge right into the other animals and steal their food, step on ducks, or us and just create such a hassle that it need to be addressed...and today it will be!
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