Tuesday, April 26

Tuesday, April 26, 2011...The Major Work Making The Raised Bed Garden Is Done...

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Today we finished the garden! We took off this morning and went to the Rudy Stemple Family Sawmill in Berne, and picked up our lumber order. They are always so eager to fill our order and give us such nice lumber. We finished the fencing yesterday, and today needed the ten foot 2 x 4’s for the corner gussets to straighten our posts again, because when we stretched the hurricane fencing, it pulls the corner posts in. When we installed the corner gussets, they were returned to plumb and straight. Now it looks great. Vick ordered some 4 square netting to go around the top from the fencing to the top of the posts for a deer barrier. If they become a nuisance, I’ll string some of our electric fence wire around the top and plug in a fencer box. That will keep them out. Vick is going to order 1 x 11’s she will place one on the ground; inside and one on the outside...fill them with dirt and plant all her vineing plants in those, using the fencing for them to climb. That way, she can utilize the six raised beds for all kinds of other plants and have eight or ten little beds that are 4” x 8’ long for cucumbers, beans, peas, etc. with fencing....Great idea Vick!!!

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I got my Lincoln welder and will make all the needed repairs to the things we have that were broken. I will also hang a sign out indicating we do welding repairs here. I will also add fabrication to the welding as soon as I have a place made up to do it. I did fabrication work for thirty plus years at New Holland & Donsco, so why not do it here? No body up here wants to do this type of welding fabrication work, but I love it. I’ve made equipment and machines from scratch....even installing programmable controllers, to make them operate automatically. I’ll look forward to fabricating parts and machinery for farmers and friends. Someone always needs to fix broken metal parts on mower decks and so on. Why not capitalize on this nitch that needs filled? Somebody needs to make all this money that’s just waiting to be made. It will be a great supplemental income for the farm too.

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