Thursday, May 12

Thurs. May 12th...Welding Done, We Attacked the Barns...BUT...SURPRISE!!!

Yesterday we delivered the finished garden art to the owner, with the 18” mounting rods welded firmly in place. It was a tough weld, considering the steel rods had to be affixed to the cast iron structure, but with a base weld of a stainless composition to first blend with both steels, I whetted in a high nickel content cast iron rod along both sides. Looked good and held securely. Diane, the owner was elated with the finished product.

After dropping the garden art off, we trucked on to Stemple’s family sawmill to pick up a load of lumber for the fences and garden project. Rudy, the owner was having a major problem with his diesel power house that drives his sawmill. It was leaking oil bad enough that he had to stop to try fixing the leak before resuming normal operation. He made repairs and started the diesel engine just as I was ready to leave, but it still was seeping oil. I talked with the guy working on the engine and decided I would talk top my son-in-law in Pennsylvania, since he is a diesel mechanic for a big construction company down there, to see if he might be able to attain the power groove o-rings Rudy needed. We’ll see if he can figure out from my email and the pictures I sent him. The Cummins dealer up here doesn’t know his butt from a cream puff, because they didn’t help Rudy yesterday any of the three times he went into the shop for parts.

When we returned home, we set up the brooding house for the four chicks which had hatched out. There were at least four more poking through at that time, so Vick put the “Chicks for Sale” sign out along the road....and the summer is now in full swing and the farm is producin’... Lucy, our angora is pulling fur...meaning the breeding with Jack several weeks ago was successful. Now...if only she delivers a nice litter of healthy bunnies and doesn’t kill them, (since it is her first littler) we will finally be able to give the promised bunny to our friend’s daughter. We traded a bunch of Guinea fowl for a bunny last spring, but had the miscarriage after the record day of heat when we lost one bunny and BG’s litter to the heat. Cross your fingers and hope for the best! Soon, we will be heading to Massachusetts to pick up another bunny from Louise Walsh....just like BG!!!!!! We Can’t Wait!!!!!!

Now for the best last....but certainly not least!! The day before yesterday, we went to Woodstock and visited with Eleanor Steffen, the famous local artist and wife of Bernard Steffen. We had a lovely visit, as we always do when we go to see Ellie. She is such an inspiration and talented artist! She donated a beautiful pair of “large” oils which she had painted, to be hung and sold in the hospice gift shop. One is called “Annie Saves A Bird” and the other is simply “The Sisters”. She also donated a smaller abstract art picture to hang also. What a generous friend she is! She is to be commended for her donation to the hospice program and will be forever blessed for her gesture. She also bestowed one of her lovely pet portraits to Vick and I. She knows Vicki does many pet portraits in watercolor and wanted us to have one of hers. We were flabbergasted, to say the least. It is incredibly lifelike and beautiful and we both fell in love with it immediately. It is now hanging in our dining room/kitchen alcove area. There, we can enjoy it daily.

Again Ellie, thank you! You’re gift will be cherished forever and ever.

The gift shop is filling up and nearing an opening date
The donated shelving for displaying artwork
Eleanor Steffen's "Annie Saves a Bird"
Ellie Steffen's "The Sisters"
We are so pleased with the way the shop turned out.
And this is Ellie's gift to Vick and I.....BEAUTIFUL

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