Thursday, May 26

Thurs. May 26th... The Fence is in Place for the Alpacas...But the Sheepies Lose Out!

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We’ve completed a temporary line fence out around d the compost heap, across the back of the brooding shed, around the pond to the barn, which will serve to keep the Alpacas from “browsing away” as they munch and move with their heads down. They will actually eat their way out of familiar territory before they look up to find themselves in a panic situation, not knowing how to get back to the barn. Now if you want to see panicked Alpacas....just put them in a situation where they do not know where their poop pile is located! Once panicked by unfamiliar scenery, they will frantically hunt for their home stall, and keep moving...looking and running about. They will not cross a fence line made of cord string, but a sheep will push and stretch to get that new grass on the other side of a fence until they break the fence or pop through the rails of the fence... and then they just keep on eating their way forward until they are long gone from your farm... It isn’t that they want to leave or’s that BETTER GRASS that’s just over there... then further and further...until they’re gone. the alpacas can browse and graze the entire back yard to the far end of the pond on both sides and from the road to the back property line.
What we will do now is install regular fence posts at 10’ intervals around the perimeter of the yard where the rope fence now is. In time, we will have wooden fences everywhere, with 2x4 opening wire on the inside of the wooden fence, which keeps sheep in and coyote, fox, skunk, opossum and other critters out!
Actually, the next place I’ll be sinking posts is the west side of the house, around the perimeter of the yard containing the garden. That way we can pick and choose where we want to allow the alpacas...and in the end, the sheep to graze. If one place is depleted, we can lock it off and send them to another area. One day, we’ll have Max the Llama here too, so he will appreciate lots of pasture space.
I guess the next thing on my agenda will be opening the pool and getting the chlorine shock in with the pump running for several days of conditioning and vacuuming green water. We have graduated to the big 5 gallon jugs of chlorine right up front...usually two of them and we’re good to go with the regular cleaning
Right now though, I think I’ll make Vick’s bottle tree for her. I’ll make it out of the extra re-bar I have hanging around....welding it up like the picture she gave me and then I’ll paint it...... Too-da-lu Ya’ll

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