Thursday, May 5

Thursday Evening, May 5th...Add The Fence and the Pasture Is Finished...........

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Today we made fence...all the way around the new pasture by the egg stand. We installed all the boards, the gate and covered the summer opening to the run-in shed overhang. We’ll meet with Steve Manny tomorrow around noon or so, when we’ll finally be able to actually meet for the first time. Up til now, we’ve only communicated by phone and Steve wanted to come meet us and see the gift shop. After he leaves, Vick and I will go to TSC in Glenmont, where we’ll pick up 100 ft of fencing and a small garden gate for the dog run. Vick decided we could put a five or six foot gate in there, along with another post and be able to drive in with the riding mower and mow it when we do the back yard, instead of having to do it with a push mower. GOOD IDEA VICK!! And a simple task to complete...pop a hole with the post hole digger, drop in a post and staple the fence to it, install gate hinges and the gate and viola’ it’s done......

We also need to pick up our steel roofing for the run-in shed. Once that is installed, that end is finished and we will start popping fence posts in across the yard to keep the chickens away from the front of the house (hopefully)

We still have lots to do...but it’s fun stuff now. We have to go pick up our first new supply of honey which is coming from up in Hunter. We’re extremely happy to be handling Traphagen’s Honey this year. Now everyone who wanted local honey to reduce their allergies can buy it. We tried to explain that Washington county honey is also local, but the customers didn’t agree. All the bee keepers I’ve talked to about the subject do though. From Maine to Maryland, to Indiana is local to the north east. Anyway, now our customers will be happy and Traphagen honey is great!

I also got a bunch of new stuff on eBay...and have sold a few nice things. Take a look by clicking here

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