Wednesday, June 1

Wed. June 1st... What a Lousy Week...And I Thought OUR Luck Was Bad...

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The Rosiello family...(from left) Matt, in the red shirt, his father Kenny, his mother Randy and brother Jason.

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In the midst of licking our wounds from the last couple of days, we received word that Matthew Rosiello was notified that a liver was available for him in Ohio. They immediately got the transportation arranged to carry him to the airport, chartered a special plane to take him directly to the Ohio hospital where the surgery was to be done. He was to receive 90 percent of the donor liver and a baby was to receive the other 10% which would grow along with the baby, regenerating itself along the way, into a full sized liver in time. Matthew was in the plane, on the tarmac awaiting take off, when they were notified that the donor family changed their mind and didn’t want the liver shared...but instead wanted it to go to one person....Thus, it was given to a 41 year old woman.
All the raised money from donations went down the drain...the chartered plane.., a waste, the rented car that carried Matthew and all the equipment and life saving apparatus...wasted. Now Matthew and his family are back to square one, with massive bills and nothing left of the donations if they are called for a real donor liver.
Once again, we plead with everyone who reads this blog....Please find it in your hearts to help Matt and his family in anyway you can. If you know of any wealthy person who can put a gold star in the God’s “Book Of Life”, by donating a healthy sum of money to aid Matt in his time of need, please pass this on to them. Some people have more money than they will ever be able to spend, and this would be a great time for them to share a little with a 21 year old man who has his entire life before him. What better way to love thy neighbor.......

Just click on the donate button to the left of this post and feel good about helping Matthew have another chance at life!

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