Friday, July 15

Friday, July 15, 2011...Running A Solo Trip This Time, So It’s Exploring Time......

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Well, well, is another “off to Vermont and northern New York day” Friday again...Perhaps we should check into the scheduled car checkup in Bennington before it runs out. You get two scheduled maintenance visits when you buy your car there. We need to have it serviced, so it would be in our favor to stop soon for them to perform it. It’s a free oil change and filter anyway.
Yesterday was a great day to be with friends! Isabelle rolled in around noon to dye fiber and shortly after that, an old...friend Danny, showed up to say “hi.” After they left, we went and picked up some barrels for our friend Lynda, stopped at another Linda’s and picked up two gates and then went to Lynda’s, dropped the barrels, loaded some hay...and headed home to change vehicles before meeting Lynda to go to Westerlo for a chicken barbeque dinner...complements of her! When we finished, we came home and Lynda came over to do beading with Vick on the rear deck. was a great day for spending time with friends. We have the greatest friends!
Usually Isabelle accompanies us on Fridays for something to do. She will not be going today, because she started hatching a cold or something yesterday afternoon, losing her voice by evening...and Mabel, her little American Eskimo Spitz, was not feeling well either. (She ALWAYS goes with us on Fridays too....she is Isabelle’s service dog) Anyway, looks like this Friday will be a coaster day for the two of them to rest and recuperate.
Vick and I have done the route many times by ourselves, so we’ll survive a day alone, together.... stopping somewhere for lunch or “linner” as we sometimes call it when we stop later in the afternoon; combining lunch and dinner into one meal.
We’re going to pick up some feta cheese today since many people have asked for it at the market. If it goes well, we’ll keep carrying it weekly for our valued customers that support us every Saturday at the farmer’s market.
Perhaps we’ll make some new stops today if we feel like it. There isn’t a lot to pick up today, so our schedule is pretty open and lax.....a good time to explore new places. We’ll take some pictures of the places we go today publish them in the next posting.

Don't believe it!!!!!!!!! We were half way to Vermont when I realized I forgot the camera. What's new???????
I forget everything, anything and whaterver we were just talking about!!!!!!
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