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Sat. Sept. 24th...The Way We Think ...Is The Way We Should Live......

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It’s a fact! Most of us know better and have inner thoughts and feelings about everything and everybody in our lives, but we don’t often act upon the feelings we have or do what we feel is the proper thing to do...instead doing something different, to later find that what we did against our own better judgment was a big mistake...and we see it. This is when we should learn from our mistakes.
Seldom do we make mistakes with our close and dear friends, for we always make decisions from the heart when dealing with family or friends. Close friends, become loved friends and family is always family. Through time, our close friends actually become as family, making it very easy to conduct everyday decisions about anything that happens. We never take money from friends except to recapture what we spend if they ask us, or we offer to pick something up for them.
You never profit by making money from’s just an unwritten rule that always prevails. Make money on friends and you will destroy the relationship. Our friends give us things constantly...never asking or expecting compensation and we reciprocate by helping and giving in the same manner. It all works out in the end and all our friends are unconsciously careful to care and nurture our friendship, just as Vick and I do...always questioning ourselves to be sure we never take advantage without thinking.
Vick and I would do anything to help our friends accomplish what ever they need done, saving them money by not having to call a repairman or someone to help them achieve a job requiring more than themselves or tools and equipment we have that they don’t have to rent. We would take them anywhere they need to go if they need a ride, run an errand for them or simply bring them a hot meal if busy, tired or sick. Our kindness toward our friends was recently returned ten-fold, as seen my other family and friends during our grand opening of the hospice gift shop, when all our friends came and pitched in, by bringing food, drinks and helping us during the opening by volunteering their time the entire day, helping host and feed the visitors. When it was all over, many stayed and helped clean up and remove tents, garbage cans, signs and other paraphernalia used during the opening.
Our family was amazed at the amount of help our friends gave us and the way they just showed up and began to do things...endlessly... and so very cheerfully. Vick’s Dad mentioned that it was great that we had so many kind, caring and special friends to rely upon in the time of need...and he was exactly right...and we know it and never take that for granted. Our friends ARE family and they feel it.
We of course have family that joins right in whenever we have an event planned and they become a part of the group, if it is a public event. Our son and daughter, Bill and Loraine, from Long Island come regularly a few times a year to visit and relax, but they show up at the drop of a hat if they are needed to help with something too, so we are bless with both family and friends!
Isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t that what really makes us rich...not the amount of money we have in our pocket or a lousy bank?

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