Monday, September 26

Monday, Sept. 26th...What The Heck Are We Doing??? Do We Even Know?

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This morning’s blog is not intended to be political....and if it seems as such please recognize that it in no way is party oriented or administratively biased toward the present White House occupants or the past administrations either!
I am simply stating fact and my own personal observations that something is wrong with our heads! All Americans!!!
We are all to blame for the present predicament we are facing with zillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars slated to be further wasted by turning over some 500 U.S. bases, filled with office items, tanks and war equipment, to the Iraqi government which will total billions and billions of dollars. It is bad enough that we all paid for this stuff, which they will simply turn away from and leave, but what of the possibility of enemy forces ultimately coming into ownership of these things and our technology? Won’t they then simply use this against us to reinforce their squashed Taliban and radical Muslim Jihad toward us? This is an absurd decision which will undermine and reverse any possible headway our forces made with their presence there and is a slap in the face to all soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives while fighting to liberate that country against the very evil which will end up with this equipment of war. We need to wake the #*%~ up Americans!!!!! Tell your elected officials we are sick and tired of their belligerent crap and arrogant behavior in these matters. We are bringing our military personnel home...why in God’s name would we not spend a little more wasted money to get this stuff out of the hands of crazy radicals, rather than spend ten times that amount by waging war against them later because they have these weapons we left there and are using them against us in their quest for worldwide dominance? As I said....I am finding fault with the decision and the politicians allowing it to happen, not a particular political party or individual.
We cannot afford to sow seed of poison and then leave the fruits of their growth for our enemies to feed to us later. We must harvest the bounty and bring it home!
We have basically come to a decision today as to the direction the farm will be taking after several recent occurrences in our lives. With the economy, the cost of feed, our having Lyme’s disease and limited time and money...we will probably cease the retail egg business and reduce the flock to enough chickens for ourselves, grow the meat birds and turkeys for ourselves and run the farm store for the fiber, cheese and meat birds, etc.
By doing this, we will reduce our feed cost and fill our freezer for ourselves instead of our customers and spend the profits on more chicken feed to produce eggs that don’t even pay for the feed. It is a vicious circle which ultimately costs us money in the end to operate...and that is stupid in anyone’s eyes! Especially ours!
The farm will evolve into a place we run for fun and slight profit without the chickens eating us out of house and home. We will sell fiber and fiber products from our alpacas, fiber tools and some spinning wheels and accessories in our store, along with cheeses, maple syrup, maple candy, honey, frozen turkeys and chickens. We will then operate this store and the hospice gift shop as our primary interest and the farm will be our love of life to enjoy ourselves with far less work and expense than now. We will still invite anyone that wishes to come to visit and tour the farm, but we will not offer the amount of eggs we have in the past...that’s all. We have come to the bitter fact that it requires either this, or a complete shutdown of the farm, which we definitely do not want to do. This farm and the animals have been our life’s dream, so we must do what ever necessary to preserve what we have built with hard work and our own hands. Sorry everyone...we regret that we will gradually have less and less eggs to sell until these sales cease all together.

Oh the things we have to do to survive life and its trials and errors...................

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