Friday, March 23

Friday, March 23, 2012...Here Comes The Sun, Do Da Do Do Doooo... NOT!

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I guess we might see seventy today, but the sun will surely be in short supply. I heard this morning at six am...that the weather will be taking a big turn toward chilly...if not downright cold by Monday. They are even talking about a length of time where it will be below freezing again. I certainly hope this will not reflect on the blossoms and flowers already out. I know they can resist snow cover during late spring snows, but can they survive the temperature dropping below freezing for a day or so? I believe that is how we lose fruit crops, if I’m not mistaken. The blossoms freeze and die, Right? With the cost of everything now days, we certainly don’t need to lose any of our crops to freezing.
I love driving down the road and seeing all the maple leaves popping forth. Other trees are showing a little the weeping willows, which are starting to show beautiful green buds on the drooping yellow limbs we’ve watched all winter. At our friend’s house, there are daffodils and other Easter type flowers bursting up out of the warm earth. Soon, if the cold weather doesn’t kill them, we will smell those succulent fragrances of Easter and spring. Wow, what a wonderful thought. We need to purchase a hyacinth for the center of the table. All my life, there has been a fragrant Hyacinth in the middle of our kitchen table, making the kitchen smell so good. My Mom always gauged the arrival of spring and preparations for Easter with the display of a hyacinth on the table every year. I now carry on the tradition for her since she is gone.
I remember all the little things we took for granted as a child and young teen. After that, we were so busy making our way in life that we simply didn’t pay any attention to all the beauty God gives us each spring, when life is renewed. Looking back I remember the beautiful row of daffodils in our back yard, bordering the line fence. There were several tulips mixed in that line too, almost looking like guards stationed every so many feet apart, as if to protect the daffodils from those wanting to steal them away from their growing spot. I remember all to well the many flowers Mom had in the yard. I particularly remember her sitting in the back yard with her cat it tip toed throughout the grassy yard, looking for a place to perform her business. Mom would sit there, in her lawn chair, supposedly watching the cat, yet never looking at it...instead turning her head from side to side, smiling, sniffing and actually enjoying the flowers. What I wouldn’t give to actually look out the back door now and see her sitting there doing more of the same. Instead, I look out through my minds eye into my backyard of memories, where she is preserved forever...enjoying God’s Garden of Eden. Perhaps she is on God’s gardening crew, helping to trim and arrange everything there to his liking. I wouldn’t be surprised!!
Vick’s Sciatica is improving, but not nearly fast enough to suit her. She has pain almost daily, does her stretching and sees the chiropractor twice weekly. She was just at the primary care doctor the other day and he checked her and said to continue with the exercises and regular care of the chiropractor and it should go away in time. I hope for her that it does...for I am helpless in easing her pain, with the exception of doing all I can, so she does not have to carry anything, bend or stand too long.
The grass is getting green and beginning to grow. It must be delicious.....for I see it daily in the eyes of the all the alpacas and the sheep. They stand at the gate and longingly watch as it grows, knowing full well, that one day they will be set loose to eat their fill. In the meantime, they look and then stumble away, to munch on the dry brown hay in the pasture area, next to the barn. Soon, the sheep will be sheared...actually, in another five days...and then later, when it is warmer, the alpacas will be sheared.

WOW!!! Will we ever have a batch of fiber this year to add to what we still have from last year. As soon as Isabelle has shearing day at her farm, we will get Max, her beautiful Llama. She is getting rid of him in preperation to move to Florida, as soon as they sell their property here. Max will fit right in here, because he knows most of the alpacas here already. He will become our guard animal, protecting every other animal here and become the Patriarch of the farm as soon as he arrives. He is simply AWESOME!!!!!!!
Post Note.....Due to visitors disrupting the morning post, it was not posted until we got home this afternoon at 4:20 pm. I got my’s on the table...and I was wrong about the sun! It was a beautiful, sunny, breezy day!

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